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Table 2 The effects of fasting on tumor progression during chemotherapy. Period = length of fasting; MC = multiple cycles of fasting; Y = yes; N = no.

From: Fasting to enhance Cancer treatment in models: the next steps

PeriodModelCancer typeCancer preventionTreatment enhancementProtective effectRef
 Cell lines     
24 hBxPC-3, MiaPaca-2 and Panc-1Pancreatic Y [9]
24 hSKBR3, BT474, HCT116, HCC827, H3122Colorectal, breastYY [80]
24 hU251, LN229, and A172Glioblastoma YY[11]
24 hLN229, SH-SY5YGlioma, neuroblastoma YY[81]
48 hCT26ColonY  [10]
72 hMale BALB/c miceColon  Y[12]
24 hFemale Nu/Nu micePancreaticY  [9]
48 h (MC)Female BALB/c miceColonY  [10]
72 hLID miceMelanomaY Y[73]
48 h (MC)BALB/c and C57BL/6 miceNeuroblastoma, breast, ovarian YY[6]
48 h (MC)Female BALB/c athymic miceColorectal, breastYY [80]
24–48 h (MC)Male C57BL/6 N miceGlioblastoma YY[11]
24 hCanineLymphoma  Y[82]