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Table 1 Differentially expressed miRNAs in CE81FN+ cells compared to CE81FN− cells

From: MicroRNA-146a suppresses tumor malignancy via targeting vimentin in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells with lower fibronectin membrane assembly

Hsa-mir-ID P-value Fold changea Regulation (FN-P/FN-N)b
Hsa-miR-99a 0.01 2.16 Up
Hsa-miR-921 0.04 1.88 Up
Hsa-miR-320b 0.00 1.60 Up
Hsa-miR-320c 0.00 1.60 Up
Hsa-miR-1268 0.02 1.59 Up
Hsa-miR-146a 0.02 5.02 Down
Hsa-miR-301a 0.04 1.83 Down
Hsa-miR-141 0.03 1.82 Down
Hsa-miR-345 0.01 1.58 Down
Hsa-miR-660 0.02 1.55 Down
  1. Total RNA extracted from CE81FN+ and CE81FN− cells was screened by the miRNA-microarray, which contains 932 probes. The microarray data was analyzed by Biomedical Engineering Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsintsu, Taiwan. All the P values were less than 0.05
  2. aThe Fold change of CE81FN+ vs. CE81FN− is the log ratio value of real-time PCR analysis
  3. bFN-P/FN-N represent as FN-Positive and FN-Negative expression CE81T cells