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Table 2 Summary of factors and effects after neural stem cell transplantation in Tg2576

From: Effects of neural stem cell transplantation in Alzheimer’s disease models

Tg 2576 mice
 hNSCsHippocampal DG↑α7 nAChR-expressing astrocytes↑Endogenous neurogenesis・level of Neurotrophic factor
・Synaptic density
 Feral cerebral cortex of pregnant C57BL/6 miceHippocampal DG↓β-secretase
↓Aβ production
↑Aβ clearance
↓ pro-inflammatory cytokine
↓inflammatory microglial activation
↑anti-inflammatory cytokines,
↑endogenous neurogenesis ↑synapse formation
・The link between microglia and NSC
・level of BDNF
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