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Table 3 Summary of factors and effects after neural stem cell transplantation in APP/PS1 Tg mice

From: Effects of neural stem cell transplantation in Alzheimer’s disease models

APP/PS1 tg mice
 hNSCsHippocampushNSCs N-acetylaspartate, Glu↑synaptic density
↑Neuronal metabolism
・Level of neurotrophic factor
・inflammatory cytokine
 hNSCsFimbria fornixhNSC
microglial activation
↑microglia activation
No change in synaptic density
No change in Choline acetytransferase
・Roles of neurotrophic factor in long-term effects.
・Anti-inflammatory cytokine
・Factors affects NSC lifespan
〇(AB42 only)[54]
 Non-Tg B6C3 mouse embryosHippocampusSynapses increaseNSC proliferation
↑ synaptophysin and growth factor
・Factor contributes to synaptogenesis.
・synapse function.
 Non-Tg B6C3 mouse embryosHippocampusNSC↑mitochondria ↑mitochondrial-related protein
↓mitochondrial fusion factor optic mitofusion 1&2.
・Synapsis density
・Level of neurotrophic factor
 Non-Tg B6C3 mouse embryosHippocampusNSC↓GFAP, Iba-1, TLR4 and TLR4 etc.
↓proinflammatory mediators
・Synaptic density
・Neurotrophic level
 GFP Tg C57BL/6 mice fetal forebrainHippocampusCNL from NSC↑ChAT mRNA,
↑ChAT activity
↑ACh concentration
・Inflammatory factors×[59]
 non-Tg B6C3 mouseHippocampusNSC↑long-term potentiation
↑neuron expressing protein
・Inflammatory factors×[60]
  1. Key: 〇 changes, not mentioned, × unchanged