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Table 1 Overlapped Genomic and Non-Genomic Actions of Thyroid Hormones

From: Role of thyroid hormone-integrin αvβ3-signal and therapeutic strategies in colorectal cancers

  Genomic actions Non-genomic actions
Integrin αvβ3 No Yes [22]
ERK1/2 activation No Yes [105]
PI3K activation No Yes, only T3 activates PI3K [17]
T4-induced integrin αvβ3 internalization No Yes, nuclear phosphorylated αv monomer-MAPK-p300 complex binds to the promoter region of a panel of genes [70]
Nuclear receptor TRβ1 involvement Yes No
Shuttling ERα and TR to nucleus No Yes [75]
Actin-reorganization Yes, thyroid hormone regulates actin expression [14] Yes [20]
Gene expression Dependent Dependent but without ligand-TR complex [64, 70]
Regulating TRβ1 expression Yes Yes, T4 via αvβ3 regulates post-translational modifications of TRβ1[67]
Thyroid hormone-induced cancer cell proliferation Yes, TRβ1 expression inhibits cancer proliferation [98] Yes, integrin αvβ3-dependent [74]