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Table 1 Targets of LSD1 and their effect on gene expression

From: Roles of lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) in homeostasis and diseases

Targets Residue Functions Effect References
Histone H3 K4me2 Repression with CoREST, CtBP and NuRD Gene repression [6,7,8]
Histone H3 K9me2 Derepression of AR target genes with FOXA1 Gene activation [10, 11]
Histone H4 K20me1 Regulation of memory formation (LSD1n*) Gene activation [19]
DNMT1 K1096 Maintenance of global DNA methylation through stabilization of DNMT1 Gene activation [8]
FOXA1 K270 Derepression of AR target genes through stabilization of FOXA1 Gene activation [11]
HIF-1α K32 Regulation of tumor angiogenesis through stabilization of HIF-1α Gene activation [14]
p65 K314/315 Regulation of inflammatory response through stabilization of p65 Gene activation [15]
AGO2 K726 Inhibition of anti-tumor immunity through stabilization of AGO2 Gene repression [16]
SOX2 K42/117 Maintenance of pluripotency through stabilization of SOX2 Gene activation [17]
  1. * neuron-specific isoform of LSD1
  2. Listed are the target substrates of LSD1 and the cellular functions and effects of gene expression