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Table 2 miRNA regulation in the glycan epitope formation

From: Systems glycobiology for discovering drug targets, biomarkers, and rational designs for glyco-immunotherapy

miRNA Target glycogene Glycan epitope Cancer References
miR-33a; let-7e ST8SIA1; B4GALNT1 GD2; GD3 Ovarian cancer [32]
miR-199 GCNT2 blood group I antigen Colon cancer [97]
miR-200 family ST3GAL5 GM3 Mesenchymal-to-Epithelial Transition (MET) [16]
miR-9 GALNTs Tn- and sTn-antigen Various cancers [98]
UNKNOWN ST3GAL1/3/4 Selectin-binding glycans Colon cancer [51]
miR-34a; miR-122; miR-198 FUT8 Fucose Various cancers [44,45,46,47]