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Table 4 Recently developed computational tools and database for glycobiology

From: Systems glycobiology for discovering drug targets, biomarkers, and rational designs for glyco-immunotherapy

Tool URL Description
GlyTouCan A comprehensive glycan structure repository
GlyGen A project for carbohydrate and glycoconjugate related data integration and dissemination, to retrieve information from various data sources, to integrate and harmonize this data through a user-friendly Web interface
UniCarbKB A knowledge base with curated glycoconjugate information and their annotations
UniCarb-DB A database with the structural and experimental MS-glycomic data
Glynsight A comparison tool that visualizes and interactively compares glycoprofiles uploaded by users. Initially, the tool was created specifically for IgG N-glycan profiles, but it can be extended to any data profiling N- or O-linked glycans
EpitopeXtractor A collection of glyco-epitopes from four sources. EpitopeXtractor helps you (1) extract all the epitopes contained in one or more glycan structures from a glycomic sample and (2) map the results in Glycdin' our epitope network viewer
GlyCreSoft A glycan composition assigning tools for LC–MS and LC–MS/MS data that uses information on the biosynthetic network relationships among glycans
Glypy A well-documented glycan analysis and glycoinformatics library for Python