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Table 1 Current and potential treatments for HD

From: The regulatory roles of microRNAs toward pathogenesis and treatments in Huntington's disease

Current and potential treatments for HD
Current drugs Working mechanisms References
Tetrabenazine; Deutetrabenazine VMAT2 inhibitors [41, 5]
Tiapride; Haloperidol; Fluphenazine; Olanzapine; Risperidone Dopamine receptor blockers [42, 40]
Riluzole; Amantadine Suppression of glutamate transmission [8, 43]
Cell therapy Cell replacement; Secretion of beneficial factors [44, 44,45,46]
Gene therapy Reduction of mutant HTT; Enhancement of cellular functions [47, 47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55]