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Figure 1

From: Caldesmon regulates the motility of vascular smooth muscle cells by modulating the actin cytoskeleton stability

Figure 1

Fluorescence images of transfected A7r5 cells. All CaD constructs were EGFP-tagged (left panels); actin was stained with red (middle panels). Merged images are shown on the right panels. Cells were transfected with EGFP (control, Row e), EGFP-wtCaD (wild-type CaD; Row f) and CaD mutant, including EGFP-A1A2 (Row a), EGFP-A3A4 (Row b), EGFP-A1234 (Row c) and EGFP-D1234 (Row d). A1234 transfected cells had most robust cytoskeleton structure, the wtCaD, A1A2 and A3A4 transfected cells also had more robust structure than D1234 and control cells (EGFP). The D1234 transfected cells exhibited similar cytoskeleton structure to the control cells. Scale bar, 100 μm.

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