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  1. Research

    The TLR3/TICAM-1 signal constitutively controls spontaneous polyposis through suppression of c-Myc in Apc Min/+ mice

    Intestinal tumorigenesis is promoted by myeloid differentiation primary response gene 88 (MyD88) activation in response to the components of microbiota in Apc Min/+

    Junya Ono, Hiroaki Shime, Hiromi Takaki, Ken Takashima, Kenji Funami, Sumito Yoshida, Yohei Takeda, Misako Matsumoto, Masanori Kasahara and Tsukasa Seya

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:79

    Published on: 17 October 2017

  2. Research

    Ascorbic acid alters cell fate commitment of human neural progenitors in a WNT/β-catenin/ROS signaling dependent manner

    Improving the neuronal yield from in vitro cultivated neural progenitor cells (NPCs) is an essential challenge in transplantation therapy in neurological disorders. In this regard, Ascorbic acid (AA) is widely...

    Tareck Rharass, Margareta Lantow, Adam Gbankoto, Dieter G. Weiss, Daniela Panáková and Stéphanie Lucas

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:78

    Published on: 16 October 2017

  3. Research

    Tumor necrosis factor superfamily ligand mRNA expression profiles differ between humans and mice during homeostasis and between various murine kidney injuries

    Several tumour necrosis factor (TNF) based therapeutics have already been approved for human use and several others are emerging. Therefore, we determined the mRNA expression levels of the TNF superfamily liga...

    Satish Kumar Devarapu, Julia Felicitas Grill, Junhui Xie, Marc Weidenbusch, Mohsen Honarpisheh, Volker Vielhauer, Hans-Joachim Anders and Shrikant R. Mulay

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:77

    Published on: 19 September 2017

  4. Research

    Rosmarinic acid induces rabbit articular chondrocyte differentiation by decreases matrix metalloproteinase-13 and inflammation by upregulating cyclooxygenase-2 expression

    Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are known to play an important role in the degradation of the extracellular matrix and the pathological progression of osteoarthritis (OA). The natural polyphenolic compound ro...

    Seong-Hui Eo and Song Ja Kim

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:75

    Published on: 18 September 2017

  5. Review

    Psoriasis-associated vascular disease: the role of HDL

    Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory systemic disease with a prevalence of 2–3%. Overwhelming evidence show an epidemiological association between psoriasis, cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. Cardiova...

    Maria Joao Paiva-Lopes and José Delgado Alves

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:73

    Published on: 14 September 2017

  6. Research

    Age-dependent redox status in the brain stem of NO-deficient hypertensive rats

    The brain stem contains important nuclei that control cardiovascular function via the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which is strongly influenced by nitric oxide. Its biological activity is also largely det...

    Miroslava Majzúnová, Zuzana Pakanová, Peter Kvasnička, Peter Bališ, Soňa Čačányiová and Ima Dovinová

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:72

    Published on: 11 September 2017

  7. Review

    Repositioning drugs for traumatic brain injury - N-acetyl cysteine and Phenserine

    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality of both young adults of less than 45 years of age and the elderly, and contributes to about 30% of all injury deaths in ...

    Barry J. Hoffer, Chaim G. Pick, Michael E. Hoffer, Robert E. Becker, Yung-Hsiao Chiang and Nigel H. Greig

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:71

    Published on: 9 September 2017

  8. Research

    The type VI adenylyl cyclase protects cardiomyocytes from β-adrenergic stress by a PKA/STAT3-dependent pathway

    The type VI adenylyl cyclase (AC6) is a main contributor of cAMP production in the heart. The amino acid (aa) sequence of AC6 is highly homologous to that of another major cardiac adenylyl cyclase, AC5, except...

    Yu-Shuo Wu, Chien-Chang Chen, Chen-Li Chien, Hsing-Lin Lai, Si-Tse Jiang, Yong-Cyuan Chen, Lin-Ping Lai, Wei-Fan Hsiao, Wen-Pin Chen and Yijuang Chern

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:68

    Published on: 4 September 2017

  9. Research

    Virulence factors, antifungal susceptibility and molecular mechanisms of azole resistance among Candida parapsilosis complex isolates recovered from clinical specimens

    The aim of this study was to determine the biofilm formation, the extracellular enzymatic activities of 182 clinical isolates of the Candida parapsilosis complex.

    Sourour Neji, Ines Hadrich, Houaida Trabelsi, Salma Abbes, Fatma Cheikhrouhou, Hayet Sellami, Fattouma Makni and Ali Ayadi

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:67

    Published on: 4 September 2017

  10. Research

    Beneficial effects of curcumin nano-emulsion on spermatogenesis and reproductive performance in male rats under protein deficient diet model: enhancement of sperm motility, conservancy of testicular tissue integrity, cell energy and seminal plasma amino acids content

    Malnutrition resulting from protein and calorie deficiency continues to be a major concern worldwide especially in developing countries. Specific deficiencies in the protein intake can adversely influence repr...

    Omar A.H. Ahmed-Farid, Maha Nasr, Rania F. Ahmed and Rofanda M. Bakeer

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:66

    Published on: 2 September 2017

  11. Review

    FTO associations with obesity and telomere length

    This review examines the biology of the Fat mass- and obesity-associated gene (FTO), and the implications of genetic association of FTO SNPs with obesity and genetic aging. Notably, we focus on the role of FTO...

    Yuling Zhou, Brett D. Hambly and Craig S. McLachlan

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:65

    Published on: 1 September 2017

  12. Review

    Distribution of glucose transporters in renal diseases

    Kidneys play an important role in glucose homeostasis. Renal gluconeogenesis prevents hypoglycemia by releasing glucose into the blood stream. Glucose homeostasis is also due, in part, to reabsorption and excr...

    Leszek Szablewski

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:64

    Published on: 31 August 2017

  13. Review

    The complexity of TRIM28 contribution to cancer

    Since the first discovery in 1996, the engagement of TRIM28 in distinct aspects of cellular biology has been extensively studied resulting in identification of a complex nature of TRIM28 protein. In this revie...

    Patrycja Czerwińska, Sylwia Mazurek and Maciej Wiznerowicz

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:63

    Published on: 29 August 2017

  14. Research

    Prognostic roles of pathology markers immunoexpression and clinical parameters in Hepatoblastoma

    Hepatoblastoma, a leading primary hepatic malignant tumor in children, is originated from primitive hepatic stem cells. We aimed to elucidate the relationships between the histological distribution of β-cateni...

    Jia-Feng Wu, Hsiu-Hao Chang, Meng-Yao Lu, Shiann-Tarng Jou, Kai-Chi Chang, Yen-Hsuan Ni and Mei-Hwei Chang

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:62

    Published on: 29 August 2017

  15. Research

    The role of Lutheran/basal cell adhesion molecule in human bladder carcinogenesis

    Lutheran/basal cell adhesion molecule (Lu/BCAM) is a membrane bound glycoprotein. This study was performed to investigate the role and downstream signaling pathway of Lu/BCAM in human bladder tumorigenesis.

    Hong-Yi Chang, Hsin-Mei Chang, Tsung-Jung Wu, Chang-Yao Chaing, Tzong-Shin Tzai, Hong-Lin Cheng, Giri Raghavaraju, Nan-Haw Chow and Hsiao-Sheng Liu

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:61

    Published on: 26 August 2017

  16. Review

    3D brain Organoids derived from pluripotent stem cells: promising experimental models for brain development and neurodegenerative disorders

    Three-dimensional (3D) brain organoids derived from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs), including embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), appear to recapitulate the brain’s 3D...

    Chun-Ting Lee, Raphael M. Bendriem, Wells W. Wu and Rong-Fong Shen

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:59

    Published on: 20 August 2017

  17. Research

    Standardized, systemic phenotypic analysis reveals kidney dysfunction as main alteration of Kctd1 I27N mutant mice

    Increased levels of blood plasma urea were used as phenotypic parameter for establishing novel mouse models for kidney diseases on the genetic background of C3H inbred mice in the phenotype-driven Munich ENU m...

    Sudhir Kumar, Birgit Rathkolb, Sibylle Sabrautzki, Stefan Krebs, Elisabeth Kemter, Lore Becker, Johannes Beckers, Raffi Bekeredjian, Robert Brommage, Julia Calzada-Wack, Lillian Garrett, Sabine M. Hölter, Marion Horsch, Martin Klingenspor, Thomas Klopstock, Kristin Moreth…

    Journal of Biomedical Science 2017 24:57

    Published on: 17 August 2017

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