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Figure 15

From: Protective action of taurine, given as a pretreatment or as a posttreatment, against endotoxin-induced acute lung inflammation in hamsters

Figure 15

Photomicrographs of lung sections stained with H&E. (A-C) and (D-F) show the results for The animals received TAU (50 mg/kg/0.5 mL, i.p.) before (A-C) and after (D-F) LPS (0.02 mg). Sections from control (PBS pH 7.4) animals showed no signs of inflammation in the alveolar wall (A and D). Sections from animals treated only with LPS (B and E) showed a moderate inflammatory reaction and a mild thickening of the alveolar wall. A 3-day treatment with TAU, either before (C) or after (F) LPS, reduced the inflammatory reaction in the alveolar wall and thickening of the interstitium relative to lung sections from animals treated with LPS alone (magnification of 400x).

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