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Table 1 The description of SNPs of arsenic-metabolized enzyme and the primers used for realtime PCR

From: Genetic polymorphisms in glutathione S-transferase (GST) superfamily and risk of arsenic-induced urothelial carcinoma in residents of southwestern Taiwan

Enzyme Base change Amino acid change Variant allele frequency Accession number Primer pairs
GSTM1 Gene deletion No protein 0.5749   5'-GAA CTC CCT GAA AAG CTA AAG C-3' & 5'-GTT GGG CTC AAA TAT ACG GTC G-3'
GSTT1 Gene deletion No protein 0.4966   5'-TTC CTT ACT GGT CCT CAC ATC TC-3' & 5'-TCA CCG GAT CAT GGC CAG CA-3'
GSTP1 Exon 5
0.2256 rs1695 5'-ACC CCA GGG CTC TAT GGG AA-3' & 5'-CAG GTT GTA GTC AGC GAA G-3'
GSTO1 Exon 4 C→A Ala140Asp
0.1660 rs4925 C_11309430_30
GSTO1 Exon 4 -/AGG Glu155del
0.0125 rs11509437 Forward: 5'-TCTAGGTGCCATCC TTG-3'
GSTO1 Exon 6 C→T Glu208Lys
0.0125 rs11509438 C___11309432_20
GSTO1 Exon6 A→C Thr217Asn
0.0000 rs15032 C___1174185_80
GSTO2 Exon2 5'UTR(-183)
--- 0.2032 rs2297235 C___3223142_1_
GSTO2 Exon5 A→G Asn142Asp
0.2467 rs156697 C___3223136_1_