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Table 1 Number of neurons in young adult dt/dt mice compared with those in age-matched wild-type mice

From: Neuronal degeneration in autonomic nervous system of Dystonia musculorum mice

  Region Neuronal number
   wild-type dt/dt
Types of neuron Lumbar sympathetic ganglia 2147 ± 131 736 ± 362*
  Ciliary ganglia 187 ± 9 80 ± 29*
  1. The neuronal numbers of ganglia were calculated from wild-type (n = 5) and dt/dt (n = 4) mice. Neurons with both the nucleus and nucleolus in the focal plane were counted. Results are expressed as mean ± SD and *indicates a value statistically different (t-test, P < 0.01) from the wild-type control. The neuronal number in sympathetic ganglia and parasympathetic ciliary ganglia of dt/dt is significantly reduced compared with those of wild-type mice.