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Table 3 Clinicopathological features of six tumor samples with normal or underexpression of SALL4 mRNA

From: Role of SALL4 in the progression and metastasis of colorectal cancer

Clinicopathological feature Description
Sex 4 female, 2 male
Age One patient is 21, others ranged 54-66
Location of tumor 2 proximal, 4 distal
Grade of tumor 4 WD, 1 MD, 1 PD
Stage of tumor 5 in stage II, 1 in stage III
Lymph node metastasis 5 without metastasis, 1 with metastasis
Depth of tumor invasion All are invaded to adventitia (T3)
Size of tumor Ranged 3–10 cm
  1. WD: Well differentiated; MD: Moderately differentiated; PD: Poorly differentiated.