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Table 1 A summary of reported oxidant and antioxidant biomarkers in SLE

From: Oxidative stress and its biomarkers in systemic lupus erythematosus

Study ROS Lipid peroxidation SOD Catalase Glutathione peroxidase GSH Nitric oxide Protein oxidation DNA oxidation Tissue/Cell studied
Shah et al. [14, 1922]     RBC, Serum, Lymphocyte
Perl et al. [23, 24]        Lymhocyte
Turi et al. [25]      RBC
Hassan et al. [26]        Serum
Kurient & Scofied [4, 27]         Serum
Taysi et al. [28]        Serum
Serban et al. [29]        RBC, Plasma
Turgay et al. [30]       Plasma
Segal et. al. [31]          Plasma
Bae et al. [32]        Plasma
Jovanovic et al. [13]          Plasma
Abou-raya et al. [33]          Serum
Vipartene et al. [28]        RBC
Mohan & Das [34]        Plasma
Tewthanan et. al. [16, 35]         Plasma
Morgan et. al. [36, 37]      Serum
Zhang et al. [38, 39]         Serum, Blood
Ahsan et al. [40]          Serum
Lunec et al. [41]          Urine
Evan et al. [42]          Serum
Maeshima et al. [43]          Urine
Ho et al. [44]          Plasma
Gilkeson et al. [17]          Serum
Wanchu et al. [45]          Serum
  1. ↑, significantly elevated levels; ↓, significantly diminished levels.