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Figure 3

From: Neuroprotective effect of novel cognitive enhancer noopept on AD-related cellular model involves the attenuation of apoptosis and tau hyperphosphorylation

Figure 3

Effect of noopept on Аβ 25–35 -evoked disturbances of intracellular calcium level, ROS accumulation and mitochondrial function. (A) Pre-treatment with noopept reduces the rate of intracellular calcium in PC12 cells exposed to Aβ. (B) Noopept diminishes Аβ25–35 - induced enhancement of reactive oxygen species generation. (C) Noopept exposure ameliorates the mitochondrial membrane potential of PC12 cells after Аβ25–35-caused stress. Results represent means ± SEM. The values were obtained from three independent experiments with five technical replicates (A) and from five independent experiments with four technical replicates (B and C).

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