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Fig. 1

From: An approach to the immunophenotypic features of circulating CD4+NKG2D+ T cells in invasive cervical carcinoma

Fig. 1

Frequency of circulating CD4+NKG2D+ T cells in patients with established cervical carcinoma. Multicolor flow cytometric analysis was performed to measure the expression of NKG2D on peripheral CD4+ T cells from both healthy donors and cervical cancer patients. Lymphocytes were gated according to FS and SS characteristics and sub-gated around CD3+ and CD4+ T cells; subsequently, NKG2D expression was evaluated. Bars in (a) represent the distribution of samples with varying levels of CD4+NKG2D+ T cells within the control and patient groups. Based on previous results, here our data were stratified in three different ranges of CD4+NKG2D+ T cells (0–2, 2–4, and >4 %). A significant increase in the frequency of CD4+NKG2D+ T cells in the group of cervical cancer patients was found, while some 68 % of the different control samples expressed very low CD4+NKG2D+ T cells (0–2 %) (χ 2(2) = 6.531; p = 0.038). A representative example of this disparity is shown in (b), where 18 % of the cancer patient’s CD3+CD4+ T cells are positive for NKG2D (lower panel), while only 1.4 % of the healthy control’s CD3+CD4+ T cells show this staining (upper panel)

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