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Fig. 7

From: FcγRIIB mediates antigen-independent inhibition on human B lymphocytes through Btk and p38 MAPK

Fig. 7

Crosslinking FcγRIIB triggers apoptosis through Btk and p38 MAPK in human B cells. a Purified naïve, memory B cells and PCs (105/ml) from seven donors were each treated with 10 μg/ml of ICs in the presence of either 2 μM of LFM-A13 or 10 nM of ibrutinib for 24 h. Apoptotic cells were determined by Annexin V staining (Biolegend) using flow cytometry. b Three subsets of purified human B cells were treated separately in the absence or presence of 10 μg/ml ICs with addition of either 5 μM of SP600125 or 5 μM of SB203580 for 24 h. Apoptotic cells were measured and analyzed as in a. The asterisks indicate that the differences between the groups compared are statistically significant (P < 0.05)

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