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Fig. 1

From: DNA methylation regulates mouse cardiac myofibril gene expression during heart development

Fig. 1

Time course of ssTnI mRNA and protein expression in the heart during development. a Expression of ssTnI mRNA is maintained at a high level until newborn. After birth, ssTnI expression in the heart is decreased. b Representative immunoblot of ssTnI protein content in mouse heart during development. c Summary of the ssTnI protein content in the mouse heart during development. The ssTnI protein expression in the heart is consistent with the mRNA expression pattern observed in the same heart. ANOVA showed a significantly different the expression levels in experimental groups, and asterisk indicates p < 0.05 in two groups comparison by t test between E14.5 group and other groups. E14.5: embryonic day 14.5, E17.5: embryonic day 17.5, NB: newborn, P7: postnatal day 7, P14: postnatal day 14

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