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Fig. 1

From: Amphetamine manipulates monoamine oxidase-A level and behavior using theranostic aptamers of transcription factors AP-1/NF-kB

Fig. 1

The expression of MAO-A antigen in the CNS (no injection, panel a) in mice after saline (100 μl, i.p., panel b) or amphetamine (4 mg/kg, s.c., panel c) as shown in the protocol (panel d). Pretreatment of AP-1 or NF-kB Aptamer reverses AMPH-induced MAO-A deficiency (panel e). Mice pretreated with 5ECdsAP-1 or 5ECdsNF-kB aptamer before amphetamine (AMPH) show a reversal of MAO-A protein expression. MAO-A protein is present in the cytoplasm of the soma in the VTA (ventral tegmental area and axons in the SN (substantia nigra) and VS (ventral striatum) of the mesolimbic pathway. Immunohistochemistry results suggested that 5ECdsAP-1 might have a different temporal effect from 5ECdsNF-kB did on the reversal of MAO-A antigen level

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