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Table 2 The antibodies used in Western blotting assays

From: Inhibition of histone acetylation by curcumin reduces alcohol-induced fetal cardiac apoptosis

Primary antibody Dilution Secondary antibody
(Boster 1:10000)
H3acK9 Abcam 1:500 anti-rabbit
Caspase-3 CST 1:1000 anti-rabbit
Cleaved caspase-3 Arigo 1:500 anti-mouse
Caspase-8 CST 1:1000 anti-rabbit
Cleaved caspase-8 CST 1:1000 anti-rabbit
Bcl-2 Santa Cruz Biotechnology 1:500 anti-mouse
β-actin Abcam 1:2000 anti-mouse