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Table 3 Clinical trials of combination therapies with molecularly targeted drugs

From: Cancer immunotherapies targeting the PD-1 signaling pathway

PD-1/PD-L1mAb Combination Tumor Reference
PD-1 mAb (Nivolumab) LAG3 (BMS-986016) Solid Tumors NCT01968109
PD-1 mAb (Nivolumab) B7-H3 (Enoblituzumab) Solid Tumors NCT02817633
PD-1 mAb (Pembrolizumab) B7-H3 (Enoblituzumab) Solid Tumors NCT02475213
PD-1 mAb (Nivolumab) KIR (Lirilumab) Solid Tumors NCT01714739
PD-L1 mAb (MEDI4736) OX40 (MEDI6383) Solid Tumors NCT02221960
PD-1 mAb (Nivolumab) 4-1BB (Urelumab) Solid tumors and B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma NCT02253992
PD-1 mAb (Nivolumab) ICOS (JTX-2011) Solid Tumors NCT02904226
Pd-1 mAb (PDR001) GITR (GWN323) Solid Tumors and Lymphomas NCT02740270
PD-1 mAb (Nivolumab) CD27 (Varlilumab) Solid Tumors NCT02335918
PD-L1 mAb (Atezolizumab) CD27 (Varlilumab) Solid Tumors NCT02543645
PD-1 mAb (Nivolumab) GM.CD40L (vaccine for NSCLC) Lung (NSCLC) NCT02466568
PD-L1 mAb (Atezolizumab) VEGF inhibitors (Bevacizumab cediranib) Ovarian Cancer NCT02659384
PD-L1 mAb (MEDI4736) PARP inhibitors (Olaparib) S tumors NCT02484404
PD-L1 mAb (MEDI4736) Multi-kinase inhibitor (Sunitinib) Solid tumors NCT02484404
PD-1 mAb (Pembrolizumab) with SBRT Multi-kinase inhibitor (Sunitinib) TKI refractory mRCCa NCT02599779
PD-L1 mAb (Durvalumab) EGFR inhibitor (Osimertinib) Lung (NSCLC) reference [70]
  1. a Tyrosine kinase inhibitor refractory metastatic recal cell cancer