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Table 1 Bacterial strains and sources used for the genomic comparison of S. pneumoniae strains

From: Comparative genomic analysis of ten clinical Streptococcus pneumoniae collected from a Malaysian hospital reveal 31 new unique drug-resistant SNPs using whole genome sequencing

Isolate Isolation date Sex Source Serotypea
SPS1 15/9/2010 NA Nasopharyngeal swab NT
SPS2 21/5/2011 Female Nasopharyngeal swab 1
SPS3 21/5/2011 Male Nasopharyngeal swab 19F
SPS4 20/2/2012 Female Nasopharyngeal swab 14
SPS5 16/3/2012 Female Swab from eye 23F
SPS6 18/5/2012 Male Nasopharyngeal swab 15B/C
SPS7 9/5/2011 Male Blood 1
SPS8 8/3/2011 Female Nasopharyngeal swab 14
SPS9 26/4/2011 Male Blood 18
SPS10 10/5/2011 Male Blood 8
  1. aall serotypes were identified using multiplex PCR as described before
  2. (Pai et al., [27])
  3. Abbreviations: NA not available, NT non-typeable