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Table 2 Technical details for establishing ESCC tumor xenograft models

From: Tumor xenograft animal models for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Tumor xenograft model Technical details References
Subcutaneous Starting material: human ESCC cell line [36, 37]
Injected cell number: 2 × 106
Mouse strain: nude, SCID, NOD/SCID
Cell injection site: flank
Orthotopic Starting material: Human ESCC cell line [23]
Mouse strain: nude
Tumor development site: cervical and abdominal esophagus
Patient-derived Starting material: Human ESCC tumor tissue [37, 38]
Mouse strain: NOD/SCID
Tumor implantation method: subcutaneous
  1. This table shows some examples from representative publications and does not mean to be inclusive