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Table 4 The main carbon-based nanomaterials used in neural tissue engineering, biocompatibility in vitro/in vivo, and examples of their applications

From: Current and novel polymeric biomaterials for neural tissue engineering

Electroconductive Polymer Biocompatibility in vitro Biocompatibility in vivo Application References
Preclinical Studies
 Graphene PC12   Sheets [205]
BV2 cells   Foam [206]
NSCs   Substrate [35]
NSCs   Rolled foam [25, 207]
hNSCs   Nanogrids [208,209,210,211]
  Rats and Mice Electrode [212]
 CNTs NG108-15   SWCNTs [213]
Hippocampal neuronal cultures from Sprague-Dawley rats   SWCNTs [215]
Astrocytic cultures from C57BL/6 mice pups   SWCNTs [216]
NSCs   SWCNTs [217]
NSCs   MWCNTs [218]
  Mice MWCNTs [219]
PC12   MWCNTs [220]
PC12   Electrodes [187]
  Rats Electrodes [221]
  1. hNSCs: human neural stem cells; NCSs: neural stem cells; CNTs: carbon nanotubes; SWCNTs: single-walled carbon nanotubes; MWCNTs: multi-walled carbon nanotubes.