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Fig. 6

From: Loss of NFBD1/MDC1 disrupts homologous recombination repair and sensitizes nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells to PARP inhibitors

Fig. 6

Loss of NFBD1 causes HRR deficiency (a) Cells stably transfected with a DR-GFP reporter construct express GFP were transfection of I-SceI endonuclease expression vector. Extent of HR was analyzed by FCM 48 h after transfection. (b and c) Inhibition of NFBD1 resulted in defective BRCA1 and BRCA2 foci formation after olaparib exposure. (d) Silencing NFBD1 disrupts olaparib-induced BRCA1 interaction with γ-H2AX. (e) Cells were treated 4 μg/ml olaparib for 24 h, and subjected to western blotting analysis with indicated antibodies. Representative blots were shown with β-actin as loading control

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