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Table 2 Roles of non-coding RNAs in hemodynamics-modulated endothelial function and dysfunction

From: Atherosclerosis and flow: roles of epigenetic modulation in vascular endothelium

  Non-coding RNA Classification Direct target Affected molecule EC dysfunction/function Ref
Pro-atherogenic OS miR  
miR-126-5p Antiproliferative miR Dlk1↑   Proliferation 81
miR-10a Anti-inflamatory miR GATA6↑ VCAM-1↑ Inflammation 60, 76
   TAK1, βTRC↑ NF-κB p65 ↑ Inflammation 74
    E-sel, VCAM-1, ↑ Inflammation 74
    IL-6, IL-8, MCP-1↑ Inflammation 74
miR-92a Inflammatory miR KLF2↓ IL-6, MCP-1 ↑,TM↓ Inflammation 82
miR-663 Inflammatory miR ? KLF4↓ Inflammation 73
miR-712 Inflammatory miR ↓TIMP Souluble TNF-α↑ Inflammation 75
miR-21 Inflammatory miR ↓PPARα AP-1/VCAM-1, MCP-1↑ Inflammation 83
miR-34a Inflammatory miR ? NF-κB/VCAM-1, ICAM-1↑ Inflammation 84
miR-21 Oxidative miR SOD↓ ? Oxidation 30
miR17* Oxidative miR? SOD, GPx, Trx2↓ ? Oxidation? 30
miR-92a NO-related miR KLF2↓ eNOS↓ NO repression 82
Atheroprotective PS miR  
miR-19a Anti-proliferative miR CyclinA↓ ? Antiproliferation 71
miR-23b Anti-proliferative miR E2F↓ Rb phosphorylation↓ Antiproliferation 72
   ? CAK complex (repression) Antiproliferation 78
miR-101 Anti-proliferative miR mTOR↓ ? Antiproliferation 79
miR-155 Anti-proliferative miR MYLK↓ RhoA Antiproliferation Anti-proliferation 80
miR-10a Anti-inflamatory miR GATA6↓ VCAM-1↓ Anti-inflammation 60, 76
miR-146a Anti-inflammatory miR IRAK↓ NF-κB signaling↓ Anti-inflammation 85
miR-708 Anti-inflammatory miR IKK-γ↓ NF-κB signaling↓ Anti-inflammation 85
miR-451 Anti-inflammatory miR IL-6R↓ NF-κB signaling↓ Anti-inflammation 85
miR-98 Anti-inflammatory miR CHUK↓ NF-κB signaling↓ Anti-inflammation 85
miR-92a Anti-inflammatory miR KLF2↑ TM ↑ Anti-inflammation 82
  NO-related miR KLF2↑ eNOS↑ NO production 82
miR-21 NO-related miR PTEN↓ eNOS (phosphorylation)↑ NO production 87
STEEL Turnover-related lnRNA   eNOS, KLF-2↑ Turnover, migration 93
     NO production???  
MANTIS Aligment-related lnRNA   Smad6, Sox18 Cell alignment 94
LASSIE Aligment-related lnRNA    Cell alignment 95
     Cell-cell interaction  
LISPR1 Migration-related lnRNA   S1PR1 signaling↑ Migration 96