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Table 1 EV-A71 genotype changes in endemic countries from 1997 to 2018

From: Enterovirus A71: virulence, antigenicity, and genetic evolution over the years

  Australia Austria China Japan Korea Malaysia Netherlands Norway Singapore Taiwan UK Thailand Vietnam
1997 B3   C2 B3,B4,C2   B3,B4,C1,C2 C1,C2   B3,B4,C1     
1998 B3, C2   C4 C2   B4,C1    B3,C1 B3,B4,C2,C4 C1   
1999 B3ab, C2   C4 C2   B4,C1 C2   B3 B4,C2 C1,C2   
2000 B4, C1   C4 B4,C2 C3 B4,C1 C2   B4,B5,C1 B4 C1   
2001 B4,C1 C1 C4 C2 C3 B4,C1 C1   B4,C1 B4,C4 C1   
2002 C1 C1 C2,C4 B4,C2,C4 C3 B4,C1 C1,C2 C1 B4,C1 B4,C4 C1   
2003 C1,C4 C1,C4 C2,C4 B4,B5,C4 C3,C4 B4,B5,C1   C1 B4,B5,C1 B4,B5,C2    
2004 C4 C4 C2,C4 C4   B5,C1 C1,C2   B5 C2,C4 C1   
2005    C2,C4 C4 C3 B5,C1 C1,C2   B5 C2,C4,C5    C1,C4,C5
2006    C2,C4 C4   B5    B5 B5,C2,C4 C1,C2   
2007    C2,C4 C2,C4 C4 B5 C1,C2   B5 B5,C5    
2008    A,C2,C4 C2 C4 B5 C2   B5,C2 B5,C4,C5   B5,C1,C2,C4  
2009 C2, C4   C2,C4 C2 C2,C4 B5,C1    B4,B5,C1 B5,C1   C1,C4  
2010 B3, C2   C2,C4 C2 C4 B5     C4   B5 C5
2011    C4   C4 B5     B5,C4   B5 C4,C5
2012    C4 B5   B5     B5   B5,C4 B5,C4,C5
2013    C4 B5         B5 C4,C5
2014    C4           B5,C4,C5
2016     C4          C4
2017     B5         B5  
2018     B5          
  1. aPredominant genotype which resulted in an outbreak
  2. bPredominant genotypes were bold and underlined