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Table 4 Indications with consideration about biomarkers in advanced cancers

From: Development and clinical applications of cancer immunotherapy against PD-1 signaling pathway

Breast cancer, triple negative, first-lineIC ≥ 1%
Cervical cancer, second-lineCPS ≥ 1
Colorectal cancer, second-lineMSI-highMSI-high
Esophageal cancer, second-lineCPS ≥10
Gastric cancer, second-lineCPS ≥1
Head and neck cancer, first-lineCPS ≥1
Non-small cell lung cancer, first-lineCPS ≥1
Urothelial carcinoma, first-lineCPS ≥10IC ≥ 5%
Solid tumor, second-lineMSI-high
  1. CPS Combined positive score, IC Infiltrating immune cells, MSI Microsatellite instability