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Table 2 EV-A71 viral proteins target PRRs and innate immune regulators

From: Interplays between Enterovirus A71 and the innate immune system

Targeted PRRs and innate immune regulatorsViral factor-mediated mechanismsReferences
TLR32A downregulates TLR3[41]
TRIF3C cleaves TRIF at Q312- S313[43, 70]
RIG-I1. 3C targets RIG-I
2. 3C degrades RIG-I
MDA51. 2A degrades MDA5
2. Host caspase cleaves MDA5
3. 3D interacts with the MDA5 CARD region
MAVS2A cleaves MAVS at Gly209, Gly251, and Gly265[43, 80]
NLRP31. 2A cleaves NLRP3 at Q225-G226
2. 3C cleaves NLRP3 G493-L494
GSMD3C cleaves GSDMD at Q193-G194[81]
TRAF6/IRAK1Host miR-146a downregulates TRAF6/IRAK1[76]
TAB2/TAK1/TAB1/TAB33C cleaves TAB2 at Q113-S114, TAK1 at Q360-S361, TAB1 at Q414-G415 and Q451-S452, and TAB3 at Q173-G174 and Q343-G344[72]
IKKβ/p652C targets IKKβ and p65[73, 74]
IRF73C cleaves IRF7 at Q189-S190[71]
IRF93C cleaves IRF9[82]
IFNAR12A downregulates IFNAR1[83]
ZAP3C cleaves ZAP at Q369 -G370[84]