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Table 3 Amino acid substitutions in the HA protein of H7N9 CVVs propagated in aMDCK or sMDCK cells

From: Development of high-growth influenza H7N9 prepandemic candidate vaccine viruses in suspension MDCK cells

NHRI-RG3I120T/IbI120TI120I/Tb, G209E/GbI120T, K163R, A292T/Ab
NHRI-RG4A151TA151TI120I/TbI120T/Ib, I421I/V/Mb
NHRI-RG5No changeNo changeNo changeNo change
NHRI-RG6No changeNo changeNo changeNo change
  1. Note: aPassage history: V Vero cells, aM adherent MDCK cells, sM suspension MDCK cells. The number indicates the passage number in the indicated cells
  2. bMixed amino acid residues were detected