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Table 3 Risk stratification of AML according To 2017 ELN recommendations [24]

From: Genomic landscape in acute myeloid leukemia and its implications in risk classification and targeted therapies

Risk profiles Subgroups
Favorable t(8;21)(q22;q22.1); RUNX1-RUNX1T1
inv (16)(p13.1q22) or t(16;16)(p13.1;q22); CBFB-MYH11
Mutated NPM1 without FLT3-ITD
Mutated NPM1 with FLT3-ITDlow
Biallelic mutated CEBPA
Intermediate Mutated NPM1 and FLT3-ITDhigh
Wild-type NPM1 without FLT3-ITD
Wild-type NPM1 with FLT3-ITDlow
t(9;11)(p21.3;q23.3); MLLT3-KMT2A
Cytogenetic abnormalities not classified
Adverse t(6;9)(p23;q34.1); DEK-NUP214
t(v;11q23.3); KMT2A rearranged
t(9;22)(q34.1;q11.2); BCR-ABL1
inv (3)(q21.3q26.2) or t(3;3)(q21.3;q26.2); GATA2,MECOM(EVI1)
Complex karyotype, monosomal karyotype
-5 or del(5q); −7; −17/abn(17p)
Wild-type NPM1 and FLT3-ITDhigh
Mutated RUNX1
Mutated ASXL1
Mutated TP53
  1. Low, low allelic ratio (< 0.5); high, high allelic ratio (≥0.5)