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Table 3 Characteristics of Group I and Group II of ESCC clinical specimens

From: MicroRNA-146a suppresses tumor malignancy via targeting vimentin in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells with lower fibronectin membrane assembly

Characteristics Group I (ESCC patient specimens) Group II (non-tumor vs. tumor)
Patients no 68 68
Age (years)   
 Median age 57 57
 Range 36–87 34–82
 Male/female 64/4 65/3
Tumor stages   
 I 8 6
 II 19 14
 III 31 43
 IV 10 5
Two-year survival   
 ≥ 24 months 32 18
 < 24 months 36 50
  1. Group I is the characteristics of ESCC patients for measuring the miR-146a RNA expression levels by real-time RT-PCR
  2. Group II is the characteristics of ESCC patient specimens (non-tumor vs. tumor) for direct detection of miR-146a and vimentin expression levels by ISH and IHC staining