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Table 1 Schistosomiasis candidate vaccines in human clinical trials

From: Schistosomiasis vaccine development: update on human clinical trials

Candidate VaccineSpecies targetedClinical PhaseEfficacy in humans and/or animal modelsSponsor
Recombinant Sh28GST/Alhydrogel® (Bilharvax)Schistosoma haematobiumPhases 1, 2 & 3 completedNo protection in immunized humans. No effect on worm burden in immunized monkeys but 50% reduction in tissue egg load and up 77% reduction in excreted eggsUniversity Hospital, Lille & Institut National de la Santé Et de la Recherche Médicale
Recombinant Sm14/GLA-SESchistosoma mansoniPhases 1 & 2a completed. Phase 2b initiated67 and 93% worm reduction in immunized mice and rabbits respectively.Oswald Cruz Foundation
Recombinant Sm-TSP-2/ Alhydrogel®Schistosoma mansoniPhase 1a completed. Phase 1b initiatedImmunized mice had 57 and 64% reduction in worm and liver egg burden respectivelyBaylor College of Medicine
Recombinant Sm-p80/GLA-SESchistosoma mansoniPhase 1 initiated93% reduction in adult female worms in immunized baboons. 90% reduction in tissue egg load and 81% reduction in egg hatching rateTexas Tech University Health Sciences Center