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Table 1 Summary of factors and effects after neural stem cell transplantation in 3xTg mice

From: Effects of neural stem cell transplantation in Alzheimer’s disease models

3xTg mice
 hCNS-SCHippocampus↑immature neuron
↑immature glia cell
↑synaptic density
↑endogenous synaptogenesis・The relation of endogenous synaptogenesis and hCNS-SC
・Role of neurotrophic factor
 GFP tg micerelative to Bregma of: AP:_ 2.06, ML:_1.75, DV:_1.75↑BDNF↑synaptic density・Axonal growth in vivo×[23]
 GFP-C57BL/6 micehippocampal CA1NSC↑neuronal regeneration・Origin of newly synthesized neuron
・mechanism of neural regeneration
 GFP tg micehippocampus subiculumNSCs delivered NEP↑synaptic density
・Link between Aβ level and cognitive deficit[45]
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