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Table 7 LncRNAs shown to be involved in the process of cardiac regeneration

From: Expedition to the missing link: Long noncoding RNAs in cardiovascular diseases

LncRNATargetPhysiological/pathological impactMechanism involved
CAREL [119]MiR-296Repress the cardiac regeneration and differentiationA sponge for miR-296, repress miRNA-296, following by activate Trp53inp1 and Itm2a
CPR [120, 121]DNMT3AInduce cardiac hypertrophic response instead of the CM proliferationInteract with DNMT3A to repress the level or MCM3
NR_045363 [122]MiR-216aActivate neonatal cardiac regenerationPromote JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway
CRRL [123]MiR-199a-3pRegulating CM proliferationProtect Hopx from degeneration of CRRL
ECRAR [124] Modulated CM proliferation and post-MI rehabilitation without causing hypertrophyPromote the expression of cyclin D1, cyclin E1, and E2F1 proteins via ERK1/2 pathway
Sirt1 antisense lncRNA [127]Sirt1 mRNATrigger the cardiac regenerationDeacetylated and inhibited the activity of Nkx2.5, stabilized and increase the Sirt1 mRNA expression
AZIN2-sv [128]MiR-214Stimulate CM proliferationIncrease the level of PTEN and inhibit Akt/PKB signaling pathway